Kuroma XL Pressure Fryer EN56


These KUROMA fryers have been designed for shops, kiosks, tuck shops, mobile shops, sailing vessels, or any outlets where there is a 230v 13 amp supply.  It is sized to fit on a standard catering work top and is light enough to be lifted down when the space is needed for something else. Now, even if your shop is a hut on the beach, or on the end of the pier, you can set up a highly profitable Southern Fried Chicken trade.

Profits on Southern Fried chicken are generally acknowledged to be good.  Of course you are not restricted to chicken, potato wedges are excellent, as are mushrooms and many other foods.

The KUROMA fryer is easy to use.  

Switch on 20 minutes before you want to start to cook and while you are waiting for the temperature to reach 165ºC, shake the chicken joints in a bag with the breading mix (a seasoned flour).

(For best results the breading should be done at least 30 minutes before frying.)

Then place the joints one at a time in the oil and fasten the lid.  

Set the timer to about 15 minutes and leave it.

Pressure will build up in the pot and excess steam will vent from the dead weight valve.

After the set time, pressure is automatically vented.

This is an indication for you to remove the lid and lift out the basket.


220/240 volts, 3 kW, 50 Hz

Size 590 mm front to back x 420 wide x 495 high (approx).

Pot capacity 15 litres.  (Oil Capacity 6 litres).